Fellows Lake

Fellows Lake, which covers an area of 860-acres (3.5 km2), is a water source for Springfield, Missouri. The impoundment of the Little Sac River, which is behind Fellows Lake Dam, created the lake. The dam was built in 1955. It was modified in 1991. The earthen- and rock dam is 102 feet tall. It measures 1500 feet at its peak and has a maximum capacity 36,368 acres. Fellows Lake is managed jointly by the Missouri Department of Conservation and City Utilities of Springfield.

The lake is becoming a premier source of Muskellunge. The Missouri Department of Conservation's 2016 fish survey measured 46 inches in length.

Fellows Lake is close to Springfield and has many public areas for picnicking, barbecue, and gatherings. One large pavilion is located in the park to the north of the lake. This area is often used by kite-fliers. Two major boat docks are located on the lake, as well as a marina that is open all year for boat storage and rental. To launch a boat, you will need a permit.

One mile (1.6 km) to the north of the lake is a small remote control field measuring 50 yards (46 m).

Sport fishing options include largemouth bass and black and white crappie, catfish and walleye, muskies, and white bass. Perch, sunfish, and carp are all commonly caught. The conservation department stocks muskies every year.

City engineers inspected the marina and determined that the substructure of the metal bracing was in poor condition and that the 50-year-old boat dock must be replaced. The City of Springfield plans to replace the boat dock, create new campsites, and build a bike trail around the entire lake.

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